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Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival 2021

American Documentary Film Festival 2021

Arlington Int'l Film Festival 2021

39th Torello Mountain Film Festival 2021

KIMFF 2021

Guangzhou Int'l Documentary Film Festival

Montanha Pico Film Festival

70th Trento Film Festival

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About the Film

Angnima Sherpa, the original "Icefall Doctor", held the most dangerous job on earth on the slopes of Mt. Everest for 30+ years.​  A kaleidoscopic and meditative view on his last season as leader of the Icefall Doctors before his death.

The Sherpas, an ethnic group in Nepal, are renowned for their climbing skills, superior strength and endurance at high altitudes on Mt. Everest. 


Some of Everest's bravest Sherpas are "Icefall Doctors", whose job is to build and maintain the route through the most treacherous and deadliest part of the mountain, the Khumbu Icefall.  If not for their work, none of the guided mountaineers would summit Everest from the Nepal side.


For over 10 years we were granted unprecedented access by the government of Nepal to film the Icefall Doctors - a job statistically the most dangerous on earth.  

Financial return from the film, if any, will go toward rebuilding Angnima and Samdo's home, which is currently occupied by their youngest son, Tshiring Dorjee Sherpa.

The first in our trilogy exploring the Icefall Doctors and Khumbu region of Nepal.



The Icefall Doctor is the first film in a 3-part documentary series on the

Khumbu Icefall and the Icefall Doctors of Mt. Everest, Nepal.


I first met Angnima and the Icefall Doctors in 2003 when I was climbing Everest alone. Every day they went into the Khumbu Icefall, by far the most dangerous area of the entire climbing route, saving climbers and securing routes so Western climbers could reach the summit of a mountain. Their courage, strength at altitude, and overall amicable attitude fascinated me, and made me want to find out more. 


The importance of this film for Everest history and it's global community is something I'm most proud of. For over 10 years we received unprecedented access by the government of Nepal never before given to a production crew to film the Icefall Doctors; as well as support from the Embassy and Ambassador of Nepal.


Angnima always had a smile on his face and was very sensitive about topics and people close to his heart. One minute he'd be laughing, and the next he'd be pontificating on the meaning of life and mountaineers, whom widely known throughout the world, could not have achieved Everest's summit without Angnima and other Sherpa's assistance. The Sherpas generosity, humanity, and overall attitude are unparalleled.


I hope you enjoy seeing the love and positive energy Angnima sent out to the world, all while holding down the most dangerous job on earth for over 30 years.