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Samdo Sherpa Mar2022.png

About the Film

As one family’s lives interweave under Everest’s shadow, the beloved matriarch Samdo Sherpa, so as not to be a burden to her family, moves to Kathmandu after her husband’s premature death to become a Buddhist nun in a monastery.


She is now in a state of limbo, discouraged to leave of her own free will and unable to see some of her children who desperately miss her. All that remains is the love for her family and resolve and inner strength to die with dignity. 

The third film in our 3-part documentary series exploring the Icefall Doctors, their families, and the Khumbu region of Nepal.

Director Statement  From Nirmla Shakya 

My goal is to produce and direct films that explore and celebrate voices and cultures, and show a side of Nepal that no one has seen to highlight the underrepresented ethnicities and communities that make Nepal such a special and unforgettable country.


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